The BEST Cups for Latte Art

January 29, 2022

As a coffee enthusiast it’s easy to go way overboard with your coffee cup collection. I live alone but I have over 30 coffee cups!

But honestly the cup you pick is super important for how well your latte art will come out and what kinds of designs you can do.

Or you can watch this video:


Can’t you just use any cup?

Well, of course you can.


if you want to get nice consistent latte art designs there are two important features.

First is that the cup should have a wide brim so there is more space to pour your design. That one is obvious if you want to do world champion level pours, you’re gonna need the space for it.

Second is the curve at the bottom of the cup. If you have a tall cup that bends at a sharp angle at the bottom, this is going to affect the distance the milk travels when it comes into the cup and possibly leave more marbling trails on the surface.

Third is the material. I prefer cups made of bone china or double walled glass.

The rest is personal preference and which cup you like the look of.

Imagine by Kruve

Kruve Imagine Latte Art Glass

So that’s why I use cups specially designed for latte art, like the first on my list, the Imagine double walled cups by Kruve. They come in three sizes, 150ml, 200ml and 250ml. That last one, the 250ml, is my recent favourite one to use for my morning latte. It has a continuous curve along the bottom so you’re always pouring into the deepest point in the middle and have some predictability in how the milk moves under the surface. That really helps reduce the appearance of lighter marbling lines. There’s no handle which for some might be a drawback, but for pouring circular designs where you have to rotate the cup, it’s slightly easier.

I love Kruve’s designs and I’ve used their espresso cups for a while, but these latte art mugs are my favourite of their collection. For some they might feel a little fragile, so if you have little children who like to drop your favourite cups then they might not be for you, but in that case you’re probably not looking at double walled cups anyway.

Pick one up here (this link supports my website):

NotNeutral Lino

NotNeutral Lino Latte Art Cup

I love the NotNeutral Lino 355ml cup because it has this very distinctive long handle where your thumb can sit nicely, and it also carries a LOT of milk so I can use it to do the extra complicated designs that require more space. It takes a little more milk than most latte art cups, and I’ve seen some latte artists put two double espressos in this before doing their pour to have a nice base and a darker colour. This is the one to use if you’re doing your world champion latte art pours. Unfortunately I’m not at that level yet…

Pick one up here (this link supports my website):

Loveramics Egg

Loveramics Egg Latte Art Cup

The last one I’ll talk about is the Loveramics Egg. This one was the official cup of the world latte art championship 2018, not that this matters other than for bragging rights. It’s also probably the most inexpensive pro latte art cup, and I’ve seen them for around £10 or so, I’ll leave a nice affiliate link in the description for you. I like this one a lot because of the colour mostly, looks great in photos. It has a very nice thick edge, which looks awesome, though you’ll need to be careful as it’s very easy to spill over the edge if you overfill the cup.

Pick one up here (this link supports my website):

Other cups I use for Latte Art for Flat Whites and Cortados:

ACME Flat White cups:

notNeutral Vero:

If you want to learn more about how to do latte art, you should check this playlist of videos from my channel here all about it, which goes over everything from steaming milk to specific designs.

Let me know in the comments on the YouTube video at the top which cups you use for latte art. Are there any nice ones that I might not have heard of or seen in cafes? I’d love to know which are your favourites.

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