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I am excited to partner with companies to talk about great products related to coffee and cafe culture on my YouTube channel.

Currently based in the UK.

Here are some basic stats for my channel, which will be updated regularly:


March 2024

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Testimonial - Brandon from Kopi Concepts

“Charlie reviewed the KOPI Deva single dose grinder. He went above a beyond to get to know the product and discover its range and potential ahead of his review. We loved how he shared his findings in a way that clearly resonated with his audiences, and sparked activity in our following and comments section. We’ve had feedback from customers who either became aware of our product via Charlie, and/or decided to purchase after having seen his review. We will definitely be working with him again on future products.”

Sponsorship Offerings

Sponsored Segment

This would be a quick mention of your product in a video or series of videos with a 30-45s section aftger the intro of a video.


This would be creating shorts/reels content from the ground up to showcase a specific product. I’ll film beautiful b-roll footage and talk about the product in an under 60s video. We can invite to collaborate on Instagram as shorts for YouTube can be repurposed as Instagram reels.

Types of Videos that perform well on Home Cafe by Charlie

#1: Reviews of Machines/Coffee Tools

#2: Tutorials (Latte Art/Espresso)

#3: Interesting Recipes

#4: Surprising Coffee Facts

The Process for Sponsored Videos

Meet/email to discuss

We can talk to figure out how I can best help your business to meet your goals and what kind of content would work for both of us.

Scripting Video

You send me the product to film and I’ll plan how to integrate a sponsored segment or what to highlight in a short/reel.

Clarification and recording

I might contact you to ask questions about details, particularly if there are issues I faced while using the product, so I can highlight the features in the best way.

Video Goes Live

I’ll let you know when I will release the video in advance, and will include links to your product in the description.


If you are a content creator or in the coffee industry, I’d love to collaborate with other people if we can find a mutually beneficial way to do so. 

Please message me below and we can talk about video/social collaborations.

Let's talk about how to reach more coffee lovers with your business

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