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I am excited to partner with companies to talk about great products related to coffee and cafe culture on my YouTube channel.

Here are some basic stats for my YouTube channel, which will be updated monthly:


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Sponsorship Style

Content Video

This would be creating video content from the ground up to showcase a specific product, like a review featuring your brand, product or service.

I will write the scripts for the videos and film and edit them, and will work with you to make sure the product is shown in the best possible light.

Sponsorship Mention

This would be a quick mention of your product in a video or series of videos with a max 0:30s section.

I’d recommend sponsoring multiple videos in a row to make sure your product is seen by as many people as possible and is more likely to please the YouTube algorithm gods.

Types of Videos that perform well on Home Cafe by Charlie

#1: Reviews of Machines/Coffee Tools

#2: Tutorials (Latte Art/Espresso)

#3: Interesting Recipes (Using Your Product)

#4: Surprising Coffee Facts

The Process for Sponsored Videos

Meet/email to discuss

We can talk to figure out how I can best help your business to meet your goals and what kind of content would work for both of us.

Scripting Video

I’ll go away and write a script for the video including your product or sponsored segment. In the case of a product review this may take longer for me to test the products you send me.

Changes to script and recording

When the script is done I’ll let you review my script and make suggestions before planning a final filming date and release schedule.

Video Goes Live

I’ll let you know when I will release the video in advance, and will include links to your product in the description.


If you are a content creator or in the coffee industry, I’d love to collaborate with other people if we can find a mutually beneficial way to do so. 

Please message me below and we can talk about video/social collaborations.

Let's talk about how to reach more coffee lovers with your business

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