Coffee Cupping

January 17, 2021

My Cupping Form

So I decided to make my own cupping form rather than using other standardised forms for the way I generally taste coffee. I wanted to simplify the other forms that have a lot of extra detail for professional coffee tasters, and just get down to the basics which is a simple rating for how much I like a particular coffee.

The intensity ratings for “Aroma” and “Acidity” are for how strong they are, and the top rating is again for how much you like them. A coffee can be particularly acidic, and you can really like the acidity of that coffee, or you could find the acidity very unpleasant.

This is what the cupping form download looks like

To download this cupping form for free, just click the link below. Any feedback on the form is very welcome, and if you want to share it with your friends you can do so freely. If you want to use it in your own content (videos or blog posts, for example) I’d ask that you kindly link back to this page.

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